Consumer Lawsuit Challenges Coconut Oil Maker’s “Healthy” Label Claims

Filed February 8th, 2016 Fran Kelley

A proposed class action filed by a California woman claims that a coconut oil maker deceives consumers with “healthy” label claims.

The lawsuit alleges that labeling on Carrington Tea Co. LLC’s Carrington Farms extra virgin coconut oil and coconut cooking oil violate U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, California’s False Advertising Law, Unfair Competition Law, and Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Continue Reading »

Microsoft Recalls Power Cords for Surface Pro Devices Because of Fire and Shock Hazard

Filed February 4th, 2016 Fran Kelley

On February 2, 2016, Microsoft Corp. announced the recall of about 2.25 million power cords for Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 computers because the cords can overheat, posing a fire or shock hazard.

According to the recall notice on the CPSC web site, Microsoft has received 56 reports of AC cords overheating and emitting flames and five reports of consumers receiving electric shocks from the cords. Continue Reading »

Lawsuits Allege Eos Lip Balm Causes Blistering, Bleeding, and Rashes

Filed January 22nd, 2016 Fran Kelley

Four proposed class action lawsuits filed in January 2016 claim that use of EOS Lip Balm can lead to cracking, bleeding, and blistering lips and that the company, Evolution of Smooth, does not warn consumers of these possible reactions.

One woman who filed suit said her lips felt like “sandpaper” within hours of using the lip balm. When she applied more EOS Lip Balm, her lips began to crack, flake, bleed, and blister, and she developed a rash. The symptoms lasted for 10 days. She seeks damages and corrective advertising that warns that EOS Lip Balm may cause mild to severe rashes, dryness, bleeding, blistering, cracking, and loss of lip pigmentation that may last from a few days to a few months, or may potentially be permanent. A California plaintiff alleges violation of the state’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, and a New York woman accuses EOS of false advertising and negligent product design, according to the firm representing her. One mother filed a lawsuit after her teenage daughter developed rashes and blisters from the lip balm. She said she has purchased the EOS Lip Balm as an “age-appropriate” alternative to lipstick. Continue Reading »

Ikea Faces Another Wrongful Death Lawsuit over Tipped Dresser

Filed January 11th, 2016 admin


A second lawsuit has been filed against Ikea over a dresser that tipped onto a toddler, killing him. reports that the lawsuit was filed in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. Allegedly, Ikea knew the dresser was unstable but sold it regardless. A similar lawsuit was filed over the death of a 2-year-old in February 2014.

In response to the deaths, Ikea announced a joint “repair program” with the Consumer Product Safety Commission in July. The program offers replacement restraint kits; 27 million dressers are affected. While the repair program is a type of recall according to the safety commission’s laws, Ikea has intentionally avoided classifying it as such. The Swedish furniture giant pointed out that it has not offered to replace or buy back the dressers.

According to the lawsuit, Ikea dressers do not meet furniture industry safety standards for stability. In October, Ikea told The Inquirer that it believes these standards do not apply to dressers. The complaint states that the toddler became pinned under the dresser when it tipped over on June 11, 2014. His father removed the dresser and his mother performed CPR before transporting him to a hospital. The boy was placed on ventilation for four days before his parents removed him from life support. The suit seeks compensatory and punitive damages for medical expenses, funeral expenses, their son’s pain and suffering, and the family’s emotional distress.

California Jury Awards Close to $10 Million to Woman Injured by Defective Ethicon Hemorrhoid Surgery Device

Filed December 16th, 2015 Fran Kelley

A retired San Jose, California police officer was awarded nearly $10 million in a lawsuit over injuries she suffered during hemorrhoid surgery.

The suit was brought against Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. and J&J Healthcare Systems, Law360 reports, alleging that the Ethicon PPH 03 hemorrhoid stapler misfired, sealing the woman’s anal canal shut. Continue Reading »

E-cigarette Flavorings Linked to Serious, Irreversible Lung Disease

Filed December 11th, 2015 Fran Kelley

In a study just published online in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives, a team of Harvard scientists reveal that candy-flavored e-cigarette liquid contains chemicals that cause the obstructive lung disease Popcorn Lung.

The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, focused on the chemicals used to flavor e-cigarette liquid. Study results reveal that 75 percent of the 51 flavored liquids tested contain diacetyl and other harmful compounds. The flavors tested included fruit and candy varieties with potential appeal to young people, the Harvard Gazette reports. Continue Reading »

CPSC Announces Recall of Drill Master Cordless Drills for Burn and Fire Hazards

Filed December 4th, 2015 Fran Kelley

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of 1.7 million Drill Master 18-Volt Cordless Drills because the drills can overheat and create fire and burn risks.

According to the CPSC, an internal switching mechanism in the drill can become stuck in the “on” position, causing the drill to overheat. Harbor Freight Tools, which markets the drills, has received 25 reports of the drill overheating. Six users reported burns to the hand or fingers, and five users reported minor property damage. Continue Reading »

Senators Concerned about Takata’s Accountability in Massive Air Bag Recall

Filed November 13th, 2015 Fran Kelley

Two U.S. senators have written to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for guidance about holding Takata Corporation accountable in the air bag inflator recall if its U.S. subsidiary declares bankruptcy. The air bag recall is one of the largest automotive recalls in U.S. history.

In a letter made public on Monday, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey expressed their concerns about Takata to NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind. They wrote, “We have concerns about Takata’s financial solvency, which is now at risk … and that as a result, consumers could be left with defective airbags that no one will be forced to fix,” Reuters reports. Continue Reading »

Sure Signal Heat-Activated Fire Alarms Recalled Due to Malfunction

Filed November 9th, 2015 admin

Fire Alarms Recalled Due to Malfunction

Fire Alarms Recalled Due to Malfunction

A recall is being issued for roughly 375,000 Sure Signal heat-activated fire alarms because they can malfunction, failing to alert consumers in case of a fire. “A defective fusible link sensor (fuse) on the fire alarm can cause the alarm to fail to alert consumers of a fire.” a recall notice posted on the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) website states.

Continue Reading »

Toyota Window Switch Defect Results in Recall of 6.5 Million Vehicles

Filed October 26th, 2015 Fran Kelley

Toyota Window Switch Defect Results in Recall

Toyota Window Switch Defect Results in Recall

Toyota is recalling about 6.5 million vehicles worldwide, including two million vehicles in the United States, because a defect in the driver’s side window switch can lead to a fire.

Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. confirmed last week that the power-window master switch in certain vehicles may have been manufactured without enough lubricant grease, and under certain conditions this can lead to a short circuit that can cause the switch to overheat and melt. The melting switch can produce smoke and potentially result in a fire, Law360 reports. Continue Reading »