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Medicare Fraud Puts Senior Citizens at Risk

Filed October 31st, 2007 Julie Ann Fidler

As November quickly approaches, seniors will once again be eligible for enrollment in government-subsidized prescription insurance.  For those on Medicare, it’s a difficult decision made even more complicated by scam artists looking to take candy from the purses of the elderly.  Phony phone calls, mailed letters and even emails asking for credit card numbers are […]

Indiana Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Buzz Telecom for Telephone Slamming

Filed October 30th, 2007 Julie Ann Fidler

The Indiana Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against the owners of Buzz Telecom, which also operated as Business Options, after receiving over 50 complaints that the telephone company switched customers’ phone companies without their consent and charged them a fee to do it (a process known as “telephone slamming”).  When customers contacted Buzz Telecom […]