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New York H&R Block Lawsuit Settled Over Deceptive Sweepstake Ads

Filed June 30th, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has settled a lawsuit against H&R Block regarding the company’s deceptive sweepstakes ads, Consumer Affairs reports. As part of the agreement, Block must pay $245,000 in penalties and costs for failing to post rules and regulations of its promotions at its offices and using false and deceptive advertising material […]

Countrywide Financial Sued For Mortgage Fraud By California and Illinois

Filed June 27th, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

California and Illinois are suing mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. and its two top officials for misleading borrowers into getting risky loans that resulted in foreclosure, AHN News reports. California Attorney General Jerry Brown filed suit Wednesday in the Superior Court of Los Angeles against Countrywide, chief executive officer Angelo Mozilo and chief financial officer […]

Warnings issued for Midwest weather victims

Filed June 27th, 2008 joshua

The federal and Iowa state governments are warning victims of recent tornadoes and catastrophic flooding to be wary of fraudulent contractors. The post-storm aftermath is often a time when victims begin to think about literally picking up the pieces. These areas attract contractors from outside the local area, typically, as there isn’t enough local help […]

Tyson settles one lawsuit, still faces angered consumers

Filed June 26th, 2008 joshua

Tyson Foods has settled a lawsuit brought by a major competitor over a false advertising campaign, but still must deal with a similar suit brought by mislead consumers. The Maryland Daily Record reports Perdue Farms has settled its lawsuit over Tyson’s claims its chickens were “raised without antibiotics” or “raised without antibiotics that impact antibiotic […]

Great Expectations Lawsuit Filed by Arizona Attorney General

Filed June 24th, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

The Arizona Attorney General is suing Sun West Video, Inc., dba Great Expectations for Singles, a dating service, for violation of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and the Arizona Dating Referral Services Act. The lawsuit alleges that Great Expectations used coercive sales tactics, misrepresentations and other deceptive practices to sell expensive dating service memberships to […]

New Jersey Gas Stations Defrauding Customers Busted by Attorney General

Filed June 23rd, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

More than 300 New Jersey gas stations were cited for violations ranging from pricing discrepancies to inaccurate octane ratings and out-of-tolerance equipment, the state Attorney General’s Office announced Thursday. In a coordinated effort at the end of May, county and state weights and measures inspectors checked 1,023 stations in 21 counties finding 350 violations, the […]

406 Mortgage Fraud Indictments

Filed June 20th, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

406 people have been indicted in 144 mortgage fraud cases since March on charges of mortgage fraud nationwide, including about 60 who were arrested on Wednesday, the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced Thursday. The FBI estimates that approximately $1 billion in losses were inflicted by the mortgage fraud schemes employed […]

Avoid Car Warranty Scams

Filed June 17th, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

Once again officials are warning against car warranty scams, often ploys to steal a consumer’s identity and/or bank account or credit card information, but almost always an opportunity for a con artist to make a chunk of change. How it works: in the ‘Expired Car Warranty’ scam, consumers are contacted by telephone, email and U.S. […]

New York City iPhone Scam Robs Craigslisters at Gunpoint

Filed June 16th, 2008 Julie Ann Fidler

New York City authorities have busted a gang using Craiglist, an online marketplace, to lure folks in with an offer of 10 iPhones for $2000. Those who respond to the ad are given the address of a remote meeting location, where they will then be robbed at gunpoint, Consumer Affairs is reporting. “It was all […]

FTC believes penalties will curb spyware

Filed June 13th, 2008 joshua

The Federal Trade Commission told a Senate Committee recently that enacting stiff civil penalties against sources of spyware would curb the illicit, online activity. These penalties would come into effect when other attempts to stop known spyware distributors have failed. These include seeking “consumer redress or making the operators give up their ill-gotten gains” from […]