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Panera Bread to Pay $5.75 to Settle Securities Fraud Lawsuit

Filed February 25th, 2011 meg

Panera Bread, the Richmond Heights-based company behind the Saint Louis Bread Company restaurants here and countless Panera eateries across the nation, has settled a class action lawsuit alleging it defrauded its investors. Panera Bread has agreed to pay $5.75 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by shareholders who alleged the chain of bakery […]

Banks resisting push for federal settlement on wrongful foreclosure cases

Filed February 25th, 2011 joshua

The federal government is pushing for a settlement with banks reeling from the wrongful foreclosure scandal which has affected thousands of homeowners nationwide. According to a Bloomberg report, federal regulators are pushing for $20 billion from banks who foreclosed on homes without proper paperwork or by filing false court documents to seize homes.

Bank of America Sued by Investors Over Loans

Filed February 24th, 2011 meg

Bank of America Corp., the biggest US bank by assets, was sued by investors in mortgage-backed bonds who are seeking to force the bank to buy back loans underlying their securities. Bank of America’s Countrywide Financial unit breached representations and warranties about the loans, which it originated, the investors said in the complaint filed today […]

Claims forms sent to consumers duped by robo-call scheme

Filed February 18th, 2011 joshua

Consumers duped into buying bogus auto warranties through a robo-calling scheme will soon have a chance for a refund. The Federal Trade Commission has sent at least 11,780 claims forms to consumers who said they purchased good-for-nothing automobile warranties through Transcontinental. Transcontinental hired Voice Touch Inc. to conduct a robo-calling scheme to lure consumers into […]

Super Bowl ticket holders waiting for better offers, unimpressed so far

Filed February 16th, 2011 joshua

In a post yesterday, we reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had offered about 400 jilted Super Bowl ticket holders at least $5,000 for the seating debacle which transpired prior to the game two weeks ago. Some fans across the country are already unimpressed with this latest, the third overall, offer.

NFL urged to settle with suing Super Bowl ticket holders

Filed February 15th, 2011 joshua

The lawyer representing about 400 disgruntled Super Bowl ticket holders is urging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to reach a settlement over the fiasco soon. According to USA Today, Michael Avenatti represents the fans who arrived at Super Bowl XLV two weeks ago to find their seats weren’t completed. The league and host Dallas Cowboys were […]

JP Morgan Chase admits errors in wrongful foreclosure cases on military families

Filed February 11th, 2011 joshua

JP Morgan Chase has finally admitted fault and is apologizing for wrongful foreclosures on 18 military families and overcharging at least 4,500 more on their home mortgages. ”We failed to comply with aspects of the law. We deeply regret that service members have been overcharged and in some cases faced foreclosure because of these errors,” […]

Super Bowl fans file fraud lawsuit against NFL, Cowboys owner

Filed February 11th, 2011 joshua

Disgruntled football fans who held tickets to unsafe seating at Super Bowl XLV have filed a lawsuit against the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and specifically its owner, Jerry Jones. Jones is accused of trying to set a Super Bowl attendance record last Sunday, but to do so he needed to add about 1,250 additional seats […]

Lawsuits Filed in Super Bowl Seating Mishap

Filed February 10th, 2011 meg

It took a little more than 48 hours after Super Bowl XLV ended for the first of two lawsuits over the Super Bowl ticket fiasco to be filed. And two more websites working together are collecting names of aggrieved fans. The lawsuits claim the NFL and Dallas Cowboys had known for as long as a […]

Lawsuit says filled with phony accounts

Filed February 10th, 2011 joshua

A new class-action lawsuit filed against the dating Web site claims most of the referrals a customer gets are to inactive or fake accounts. According to reports, one law firm spent the past four years compiling data against It says that 85 percent of customers end up with less than was promised. […]