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Another Lawsuit Challenges Dial Complete Claims

Filed May 31st, 2011 Julie

A class action lawsuit has been filed against The Dial Corporation claiming that Dial Complete products are no more effective than regular soap products. The action was filed in New York federal court by Michael Feuer, who said in the suit, “Dial’s marketing and advertising campaign sends an unmistakably clear, but an unconsciously deceptive and […]

Group Reports on Seafood Label fraud

Filed May 31st, 2011 Julie

You just ordered a filet of salmon and can’t wait to dig in, but you may not be digging into what you think you are. Scientists using DNA tests have found that in one out of three cases, your seafood is actually a cheaper, lower-quality fish. A new report released by the conservation group Oceana […]

FTC wants to revise online advertising guidelines

Filed May 31st, 2011 joshua

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to revise its guidelines for online advertising since the advent of the social networking site. The regulatory agency last introduced guidelines to businesses in 2000, telling industries how its laws pertained to online advertising. Well, a lot has changed in 11 years, especially online, and the FTC feels the […]

“The Donald” Faces Lawsuit Over Role in Failed Florida Development

Filed May 27th, 2011 Julie

Donald Trump is being sued by angry home buyers who claim he misled them about his role in developing luxury towers, but his lawyers are firing back. They say Trump was listed as licensor, being paid for the use of his name on the purchasing agreements signed by the buyers. He was not a developer, […]

American Airlines accusing travel Web sites of anti-trust violations

Filed May 26th, 2011 joshua

Third-party airline ticket brokers are the subject of a possible anti-trust investigation launched by the Justice Dept. Via USA Today, Reuters is reporting that American Airlines and Sabre, the company which owns, have been contacted as part of the investigation, but neither party would comment on the specifics of the probe to the media. […]

Playstation Network Hack Proving Expensive for Sony

Filed May 25th, 2011 Julie

The security breach that resulted in a nearly month-long shutdown of the Playstation Network that was discovered on April 19 is going to cost at least $171 million, Sony executives say. That does not include any lawsuits that may be filed in the future. The estimate does include an identity theft prevention program and promotional […]

Tennessee woman claims restaurant shorted serves on overtime pay, forged documents to alter hours

Filed May 25th, 2011 joshua

A Nashville woman claims her former employer falsified documents to avoid paying employees overtime pay. According to WSMV-TV in Nashville, Ashley Puckett is a former server at O’Charley’s restaurant. She says her fellow employees were not paid for overtime hours worked at the restaurant. Puckett has filed a lawsuit against O’Charley’s restaurant, which was first […]

Are Drug Company Mergers Causing Shortages?

Filed May 23rd, 2011 Julie

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) wants the Federal Trade Commission to look into the connection between consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry and a critical shortage of drugs, especially chemotherapy and pain relief medications. The shortage is endangering patient safety and costing hospitals an estimated $200 million because they are searching for substitutes at much higher prices. […]

JP Morgan Chase settles charges it wrongfully foreclosed on military families

Filed May 20th, 2011 joshua

JP Morgan Chase & Co. has settled a class-action lawsuit which alleged it overcharged thousands of military families on their mortgages, and also wrongfully foreclosed upon 18 military families. The lawsuit, according to a report, alleges JP Morgan Chase violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act when it failed to keep active-duty servicemembers’ mortgage rates […]

Dropbox uploading system leaves customer documents vulnerable, FTC complaint alleges

Filed May 18th, 2011 joshua

An Indiana University Ph.D. candidate has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging the online file storage service Dropbox is over-selling the capabilities of its data encryption system. According to a report at, Christopher Soghorian has filed his complaint over Dropbox data security with the FTC, specifically when it comes to the […]