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Ohio Lawsuits Seeks to Force Life Insurance Co. to Use SSA Database to Pay Death Benefits

Filed September 29th, 2011 Julie

Two Ohio life insurance companies must answer to an 85-year-old woman who claims they failed to regularly compare the list of policies they have sold against the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File. Rita Koenig is requesting her case be granted class action status because while she is still alive, actuarial tables predict her mortality […]

Reebok Settles Toning Shoe Charges

Filed September 29th, 2011 Julie

Reebok will have to pay up to the Federal Trade Commission, to the tune of $25 million, for falsely advertising that its “toning” shoes could significantly strengthen the muscles in the legs, thighs, and buttocks. Reebok is also barred from making those claims in the future without scientific evidence as part of the agreement. The […]

New York Launches Life Insurance Probe

Filed September 28th, 2011 Julie

Some of the nation’s leading life insurers have been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman is trying to determine whether the firms adequately ensured payouts on the policies of deceased customers, based on three years of inquiry. The attorney general wants to make sure that insurers have taken necessary steps to identify […]

Lawsuits say accounting firm missed “red flags” over mortgage fraud in Florida

Filed September 28th, 2011 joshua

Two lawsuits have been filed against the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche LLP for failing to detect fraud at a defunct Florida-based mortgage company. According to a CBS News report, the lawsuits were filed by a bankruptcy trustee representing creditors of Taylor Bean & Whitaker attempting to reclaim money from the now-closed mortgage company. Another […]

News Corp. could face lawsuit in the U.S. over phone hacking scandal

Filed September 27th, 2011 joshua

A lawyer in the U.K. has decided to pursue a lawsuit against News Corp. in the U.S. over its involvement in a phone hacking scandal that forced the media company to shut a long-running tabloid newspaper in England and open itself to lawsuits and criminal investigations from many angles. According to a CNN report, a […]

Nevada seeks more charges against Bank of America, Countrywide Mortgage related to foreclosure fraud

Filed September 22nd, 2011 joshua

Nevada’s Attorney General has asked a judge to allow her to amend a lawsuit against Bank of America and its subsidiary Countrywide Mortgage to add more charges related to the mortgage and foreclosure debacle crippling the state. According to a report at, Nevada was one state hardest hit by the mortgage and foreclosure flap […]

South Dakota-based payday lenders agree to halt wage garnishments

Filed September 19th, 2011 joshua

A group of payday lenders operating in South Dakota have agreed to halt wage garnishments on delinquent accounts until they resolve ongoing legal matters with federal regulators. According to a report at citing a post, the 17 payday lenders involved in the decision are operated through nine corporations under one executive in charge. […]

News Corp Shareholders File Lawsuit Alleging Board Knew of Hacking

Filed September 14th, 2011 Julie

News Corp was aware that its U.S. subsidiaries were illegally hacking competitors’ computers ten years ago, according to new court papers filed by company shareholders on Tuesday. In a lawsuit filed by shareholders, the News Corp board was also well aware of improper conduct at two of its U.S. subsidiaries, News America Marketing and NDS […]

Accenture settles false claims charges with Justice Dept.

Filed September 14th, 2011 joshua

Accenture LLP, a technology firm, has reached a $64 million settlement with the Dept. of Justice on charges the company took kickbacks and further abused the federal contract system to gain more business. According to an AP report, the Justice Dept. joined a whistleblower lawsuit filed by Norman Rille and Neal Roberts in 2007 which […]

Former sales rep says failed to pay for overtime work, commissions

Filed September 13th, 2011 joshua

A former employee at the deals Web site has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, accusing it of failing to pay for overtime work. According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, Rainita Dailey, a former inside-sales representative for says the company failed to pay her and her colleagues full overtime pay during the […]