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Novartis to Settle Overtime Lawsuit

Filed January 26th, 2012 Julie

One of Novartis AG’s units has won a judge’s preliminary approval of a $99 million settlement in a lawsuit filed by sales representatives who allege the unit failed to pay them for overtime. U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty of Manhattan tentatively approved the class action yesterday and includes over 7,000 current and former sales representatives. […]

Supreme Court decision allows Applebee’s employees to sue for lost wages

Filed January 26th, 2012 joshua

A Supreme Court decision allows employees who work primarily for tips and gratuity to file lawsuits against employers when they perform work that’s not tipped at rates below the minimum wage. Servers like waitresses, waiters, bartenders and food prep workers often receive tips at work. Tipped employees are generally hired at special wage rates, far […]

IRS Offering Amnesty to Workers Who Misclassified Workers as Independent Contractors

Filed January 24th, 2012 Julie

The Internal Revenue Service will allow employers to reclassify independent contractors as employees with minimal costs, thanks to a new Voluntary Classification Settlement Program. Misclassified employees have been under the microscope of government agencies for some time now. Coordinated and targeted enforcement efforts were launched by the IRS and the Department of Labor in September, […]

MetLife, Prudential Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Unpaid Life Insurance Benefits

Filed January 24th, 2012 Julie

MetLife Inc. and Prudential Financial Inc. are facing a whistleblower lawsuit that accuses the two companies of not turning over unclaimed life insurance policies to Illinois’ abandoned property department. The suit asks for more than $1 billion in damages on behalf of Illinois. A Cook County, Ill., judge unsealed the lawsuit, which was followed in […]

Walgreens faces racketeering, fraud charges in separate lawsuits

Filed January 18th, 2012 joshua

National pharmacy retailer Walgreens faces a class-action lawsuit on racketeering charges for over-charging for generic prescription drugs in an effort to generate larger profits. According to a Fox News report, the lawsuit against Walgreens Co. and Par Pharmaceuticals Co. has been filed by United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Employers Midwest Health and Pension […]

CVS to Settle Medicare Charges

Filed January 16th, 2012 Julie

CVS Caremark has agreed to pay $5 million to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC alleges CVS misrepresented the price of some prescription drugs in one of its Medicare drug plans, which forced seniors to pay much higher prices than advertised. The Commission investigated the company for more than two years. […]

Massachusetts May DNA Test Seafood to Fight Mislabeling

Filed January 12th, 2012 Julie

Massachusetts state officials are considering using DNA testing to fight the mislabeling of fish. They are also pondering the idea of banning the sale of escolar, and launching a pilot program in partnership with Legal Sea Foods to trace seafood through the food chain. The Boston Globe in October printed the results of an investigation […]

Fresh Step Cat Litter Ads Called Misleading

Filed January 9th, 2012 Julie

Clorox has been ordered to stop airing “literally false” commercials claiming its Fresh Step cat litter leaves litter boxes smelling better than one of its competitors, Arm & Hammer Super Scoop. The ads imply that cats prefer to defecate in litter pans filled with Fresh Step verses pans willed with the Arm & Hammer litter. […]

Hospice care, nursing home company accused of Medicare fraud

Filed January 9th, 2012 joshua

Federal prosecutors have joined a whistleblower lawsuit accusing a hospice care company of defrauding Medicare by enrolling people in its care who weren’t terminally ill or dying. According to a report from Kaiser Health News at, federal attorneys are now suing AseraCare, accusing it of “milking” the federal health care provider. In the whistleblower […]