Accretive Health faces lawsuit over missing laptop containing patient records

Health insurance provider Accretive Health has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Minnesota’s Attorney General Lori Swanson that claims the company breached its own security policies when it lost a laptop containing personal records on its clients.

According to a Bloomberg report, the dismissal request is a common “first step” for corporations when they’re sued. Though the company claims its allegations are baseless, the Minnesota AG believes the company allowing a laptop to be lost put the records of at least 23,500 patients at risk of hackers.

Accretive Health is also facing a multi-state investigation into its business practices, specifically its harassment of patients at hospitals over past-due bills. The company is accused of planting its employees at numerous hospitals in the northern Midwest and pressuring patients into paying outstanding bills before they receive medical care. In some cases, patients were unaware that they were being confronted by an Accretive employee as they were posing as medical staff at the hospital.

In asking for this additional lawsuit to be dismissed, Accretive is accusing the Minnesota AG of seeking publicity for her lawsuit against the company rather than focusing on an apparent lack of a case. A hearing on the dismissal request has been scheduled for early August, according to the report.