National Beef Packing Co. employees sue for lost wages, overtime pay

Workers at a beef packing plant in Kansas believe their employer is short-changing them on wages and not paying overtime and have filed a lawsuit against the company for the lost wages.

According to an AP report, more than 2,000 employees of the National Beef Packing Co. plant in Liberal, Kan., are represented by a lawsuit that was recently filed in U.S. District Court. They claim the company has been not paying them for hours worked over a long period of time and are seeking to recoup those wages.

As the jobs economy puts employment at a premium, tens of thousands of hourly wage workers across the U.S. have taken action similar to those at National Beef Packing Co. Due to that same job atmosphere, employers have been accused to taking advantage of employees, getting people to perform more work at longer hours for reduced wages and with no adherence to federal and local labor laws, especially concerning overtime pay. AP adds that similar lawsuits have been filed against other beef purveyors recently, too: Creekstone Farms Premium Beef in Arkansas City, Kan., and Farmland Foods slaughterhouse, Monmouth, Ill.

The employees at National Beef Packing Co. claim the company used “gang time” to determine how long employees worked. This technique often leaves employees at companies which use it short-changed on pay day when they realize they were only paid for times the production line was in operation (the determining factor at National Beef Packing Co.) and not for the actual time they were at their job.