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FTC Targets Manufacturers of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Filed August 31st, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

The Federal Trade Commission has warned 14 window manufacturers and a window glass manufacturer that they could possibly be making unsupported energy savings claims for replacement windows. The warnings were issued as a part of the FTC’s effort to ensure the honesty and solid scientific evidence behind environmental marketing. The letters state that the FTC […]

Applebee’s employees win summary lawsuit in wage dispute

Filed August 31st, 2012 joshua

Applebee’s Restaurants in Illinois will be forced to pay servers who work for tips the rate paid to regular hourly employees when they’re asked to perform tasks outside of their jobs as bartenders, waiters, and waitresses. According to a report, AppleIllinois operates 34 franchise restaurants in the state and faced a class-action lawsuit filed […]

Consumer advocates want info sharing children’s sites stopped

Filed August 23rd, 2012 joshua

Children’s consumer advocates have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate McDonalds and Nickelodeon channel for violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) because each company asks children to divulge information about their friends through their Web sites. Along with 16 other consumer groups, the Center for Digital Democracy made this request of […]

DMAA supplements blamed for only 1 of 8 doping bans at London Olympics

Filed August 16th, 2012 joshua

The controversial stimulant DMAA (1, 3-dimethylamylamine) has been responsible for more doping violations among international athletes in the last few years than steroids or blood doping but only one Olympic doping ban was blamed on the additive. Makers of dietary and workout supplements containing DMAA are on a short leash with the Food and Drug […]

Fox Entertainment interns claim company failed to adhere to employment laws

Filed August 15th, 2012 joshua

A lawsuit filed by two interns at Fox Searchlight claims the entertainment company’s internship program violated federal wage laws has put a new spotlight on the entire company’s interns. The two interns were working on the Academy Award-winning film “Black Swan” and after the movie received critical acclaim and won numerous Oscars, two interns claimed […]

California farmhand contractor accused in wage dispute

Filed August 10th, 2012 joshua

The California Labor Commission believes a farm labor contracting company failed to pay more 100 farmhands proper wages for the work they conducted in the state. According to a report from Associated Press, the commission filed a lawsuit against Diaz Contracting, which employs workers for the California farming and agriculture industry. The lawsuit claims the […]

FTC puzzled by persistent robo-calls

Filed August 3rd, 2012 joshua

Robocalling has become an even bigger problem faced by consumers despite recent efforts to crack down on businesses who resort to this means of contacting potential customers. According to an NBC News report, robo-calls from a fictitious woman named Rachel are inundating consumers at overwhelming rates. Rachel is from Cardholder Services, a company that purports […]

Drug wholesaler agrees to settlement on over-billing charges

Filed August 3rd, 2012 joshua

A leading prescription drug wholesaler has agreed to pay a fine equivalent to the amount it was accused of over-charging to state Medicaid programs by inflating the cost of its drugs. According to an AP report, San Francisco-based McKesson Corp. will pay $151 million to 29 states (and the District of Columbia) as part of […]

Google Looking at $22.5 Million to Settle Safari Privacy Charges

Filed August 1st, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

U.S. regulators will compel Google to pay a civil penalty of $22.5 million to settle charges that it sidestepped the privacy settings of customers using Apple’s Safari browser. The Federal Trade Commission approved a consent decree that will permit Google to settle the agency’s investigation without admitting any liability.

Monsanto accused of violating fair wage laws on migrant workers

Filed August 1st, 2012 joshua

A group of Texas migrant workers have filed a lawsuit against agricultural giant Monsanto Company and others alleging they violated fair wage laws and other employment laws, including failing to honor promises of pay. According to The Brownsville (Texas) Herald, Texas Rio Grande Legal aid have been retained to represent a group of migrant farm […]