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Rent-to-own company accused of spying through rented laptops

Filed September 28th, 2012 joshua

Illinois’ Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission have accused a local rent-to-own franchise owner with intentionally spying on consumers who rented laptops from the company. According to a Chicago Sun-Times report this week, AG Lisa Madigan and the FTC have sued Watershed Development Corp., which owns and operates Aaron’s rent-to-own stores in several Illinois […]

New Balance agrees to $2.3M settlement on false toning shoe claims

Filed September 18th, 2012 joshua

American sneaker manufacturer New Balance has agreed to a settlement that requires it to refund consumers who purchased its line of toning shoes because the claims it made about the products were false. According to an AP report, New Balance will pay at least $2.3 million to settle a lawsuit brought against it by a […]

Judge OK’s $40M settlement on Skechers toning shoe refunds

Filed September 11th, 2012 joshua

Skechers USA Inc. will have to pay at least $40 million as part of a federal settlement that it made misleading and unscientific claims about the benefits of its line of toning shoes, including Shape-Ups and Tone-Ups. According to a Boston Globe report, a federal judge in Louisville, Ky., has approved a settlement between the […]

Diabetes testing supplier agrees to terms of whistleblower lawsuit

Filed September 7th, 2012 joshua

A Mississippi-based diabetes supply company has agreed to pay $1.8 million as part of settlement on a whistleblower lawsuit filed by two former employees. The lawsuit alleged that Pinnacle Medical Solutions defrauded government insurance programs on the cost of diabetes testing supplies that were sent to the elderly and service veterans. The company settled claims […]

Walmart warehouse workers file class-action lawsuit over missing wages in California

Filed September 6th, 2012 joshua

A class-action lawsuit has recently been filed against Walmart by workers in one of the company’s southern California warehouses over conditions employees faced at the facility. According to a report from a recurring feature by L.A. Times, workers at Walmart’s Mira Loma warehouse facility filed a class-action lawsuit against the companies which staff the warehouses. […]

FTC warns of scams following Hurricane Isaac

Filed September 4th, 2012 joshua

As the swath of the country affected by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Isaac continues to recover this week, residents of those areas are likely to encounter one or several scams for myriad services. The Federal Trade Commission warned late last week that scammers often follow the path of natural disasters, preying on vulnerable and grief-stricken […]