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NYC Woman Arrested for Fraudently Collecting Funds for Newtown Shooting Victim’s Family

Filed December 28th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

A New York City woman was arrested by the FBI over fraud allegations on Thursday for claiming to be the aunt of one of the children killed in the Newtown shooting massacre and collecting “funeral fund” donations. The FBI charged Bronx resident Nouel Alba, 37, with making false statements to federal agents. A Hartford, Connecticut, […]

Advocacy Groups Urge Amazon, Other Retailers to Halt Uninspected Shipments

Filed December 27th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

The Consumer Fraud Center is putting pressure on, Inc. to stop allowing uninspected direct shipments from China into its warehousing and distribution systems. The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) of Oakland, California, launched a legal action last week against a number of major retailers including Amazon. The group wants these retailers to recall baby […]

Rising Reports of Exploding Cookware Prompts Study

Filed December 26th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

Consumer advocacy group, ConsumerAffairs, says that consumers have generated about 1,600 combined reports of “unexpected breakage” while using Pyrex and Anchor Hocking cookware–the most popular cookware brands in the U.S.–since the site’s debut in 1998. “This is without a doubt the highest number of complaints about a single type of cookware or kitchen accessory,” said […]

FDA’s Sunscreen Labeling Rule Deadline Up

Filed December 18th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

Yesterday was the deadline for sunscreen manufacturers to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new labeling rules. The FDA issued a “Final Rule” for the labeling of sunscreens being marketed without an approved application in June 2011. The rule was originally set to take effect in June 2012, but the deadline was […]

Mislabeled Seafood A Risk To Consumers With Food Allergies

Filed December 13th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

A new report released by a conservation group reveals that nearly 40 percent of seafood sold in New York City is mislabeled, which can be extremely dangerous for people suffering from food allergies. Researchers from the ocean conservation group Oceana wrote that, “Recent testing has revealed that dishonest labeling and fraudulent seafood substitution for certain […]

Smartphones May Be Tracking Users’ Every Move

Filed December 13th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

Consumer advocacy group Public Health Watchdog® is warning consumers that software installed on their smartphones may be tracking verything they do. The group is warning users about a type of tracking software called Carrier IQ. The software has apparently been installed in about 150 million smartphones worldwide by wireless carriers and cell phone companies that […]

Mislabeled fish are rampant in New York City

Filed December 12th, 2012 joshua

Mislabeled fish is becoming a far too often occurrence in the consumer marketplace. Figuring that many consumers would have a hard time differentiating between specific species of fish, especially those that appear similar in many ways, purveyors of fish are often misleading customers into thinking they’re buying something they’re not.

High Powered Magnet Sets Recalled in Wake of 80 Injury Reports

Filed December 10th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

Reiss Innovations LLC, of Manchester, Connecticut, just recalled its DynoCube High-Powered Magnet desk toy, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just announced. IThe CPSC said that it had received 80 reports of other high powered magnet toys being ingested. Of those, 79 people required medical attention. The magnets can link together inside of the […]

Senators tab FTC to investigate fraudulent donation practices

Filed December 6th, 2012 joshua

Leading lawmakers on Capitol Hill have called on federal consumer regulators to investigate claims that well-known charities are employing the use of telemarketing firms to encourage donations and misleading the public about where that money is going. reports this week, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Herb Kohl have requested the Federal Trade Commission to investigate […]

Oceanside Contractor Faces Charges in Hurricane Sandy Scam

Filed December 5th, 2012 Julie Ann Fidler

An Oceanside, New York, contractor is facing charges that he tried to scam victims of Hurricane Sandy by misleading some 2,000 homeowners to promote his own business. Mark Rauch, 63, is accused of doctoring an official Hempstead town flier to portray his business as “uniquely authorized to perform home inspections,” according to District Attorney Kathleen […]