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Lenovo IdeaPads suffer poor WiFi performance, company admits faults but continues selling them

Filed February 27th, 2013 joshua

Although tech firm Lenovo has acknowledged its IdeaPad U310 and U410 have hardware issues that impact their WiFi capabilities, the company continued to sell them as if they were normal functioning machines. The national law firm of Parker Waichman LLP continues to investigate problems with these two Lenovo laptop computers. Hundreds, if not thousands, of […]

IKEA recalls meatballs at Euro stores due to presence of horse meat

Filed February 26th, 2013 joshua

Home furnishings giant IKEA has removed meatballs from the menus at its store cafeterias in Europe after tests determined some of them contained horse meat. The horse meat scandal has dominated headlines in Europe for a month. According to Reuters, tests conducted in the Czech Republic on beef and pork meatballs purchased at an IKEA […]

Some Bottles of Poland Spring Water May be Contaminated With Gasoline

Filed February 25th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

In a consumer advisory issued last week, the New Hampshire Department of Health warned that some bottles of Poland Spring water may be contaminated with gasoline. State health officials say consumers who purchased 3- and 5-gallon bottles of Poland Spring water on or after November 1 should make sure they don’t have a gasoline odor […]

New Study Uncovers Widespread Seafood Labeling Fraud

Filed February 22nd, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

The seafood you’re eating might not be the seafood you paid for. The nonprofit ocean protection group, Oceana, recently conducted a large study in which it purchased and genetically tested fish from 12 different locations around the country. The results indicate that many Americans don’t really know what is on their plates. For example, 120 […]

Chemotherapy prescribed in off-label treatments in nearly one-third of patients

Filed February 20th, 2013 joshua

People dealing with cancer and their doctors may be so eager to try anything in order to get ahead of the disease that they’re using powerful chemotherapy drugs for off-label treatments. According to a Reuters report on new research from University of Chicago, chemotherapy drugs are being used more for off-label treatments and drug companies […]

New Food Testing Standards Proposed in Wake of European Horse Meat Scandal

Filed February 14th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

The European Commission says it wants to increase DNA testing of meat products to determine the extent of the scandal involving horse meat being sold as beef. The scandal has raised questions over the safety of Europe’s food chain. The Commission proposed a one-month testing plan that would allow for inspections of premises that handle […]

California Woman Files Class Action Against Pfizer Over Antidepressant Drug Zoloft

Filed February 13th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

Watsonville, California resident, Laura A. Plumlee, just filed a consumer fraud class action against Pfizer, accusing the company of marketing its antidepressant drug Zoloft as a highly effective treatment for depression, even though clinical trials had shown it as not any more effective than placebo. Plumlee claims that after being prescribed Zoloft for depression in […]

Chinese Drywall Settlement May Reach $1 Billion

Filed February 12th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

A New Orleans judge has agreed to five class-action settlements regarding tainted Chinese drywall. Chinese drywall manufacturers will be required to to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars to affected homeowners.

Consumers Say Roofing Company Won’t Honor Warranties, Providse Lackluster Customer Service

Filed February 8th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

Before the Atlas Roofing Company discontinued its Chalet roofing shingles, it used a slogan to market them: “Chalet gives you peace of mind at an affordable price.” However, many customers say they have given them nothing but stress. The Chalet shingles were advertised as being resistant to algae and high winds up to 80 miles […]

North American Olive Oil Association Sues Company Over Marketing of Adulterated Olive Oil

Filed February 7th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

The North American Olive Oil Association is suing an olive oil manufacturer because it says it uses ingredients in its products that are not permitted in olive oil. The association says that Kingadis Foods markets a fat known as olive pomace oil or olive residue oil, as its Capatriti brand product. The fat is extracted […]