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Experts Warn Parents that Dangerous Toys Lurk on Store Shelves this Christmas

Filed November 27th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

The California Public Interest Research Group and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are warning parents this Christmas to be aware that many of the toys on store shelves are dangerous to children. “At Children’s Hospital, we see about 72,000 visits per year, many of them due to casual behaviors where adults put children at risk by […]

When You Watch TV, Your TV May Watch You

Filed November 26th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

If you own an LG Smart TV, your TV might be viewing you while you are viewing it. The TV, however, relays what it learns about you back to the company. The discovery was made by a savvy blogger who figured it out while running a traffic analysis on his own TV. The appliance collected […]

Potential Link Found Between Preterm Birth and Phthalates

Filed November 19th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

A group of hormone-mimicking chemicals found in personal care products and processed foods known as phthalates may put pregnant women at risk for preterm delivery, a new study suggests. The study included 130 pregnant women from the Boston area who had given birth early, before 37 weeks of pregnancy, and 352 women who delivered at […]

FDA Recalls OxyElite Pro Products Linked to Liver Damage

Filed November 11th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recalling OxyElite Pro products, made by USPlabs, including VERSA-1, because they have been linked to liver damage. OxyElite Pro is believed to be responsible for dozens of cases of liver damage in Hawaii, including hepatitis and liver failure. The Hawaii Department of Health submitted 46 medical records […]

Federal Officials Crack Down on Force-Placed Insurance Industry

Filed November 7th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

A U.S. housing regulator will bar mortgage companies from accepting big payouts in exchange for a controversial form of homeowners’ insurance known as “force-placed” insurance. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is moving forward on plans to ban fees for force-placed insurance policies. Such policies are thrust upon borrowers whose regular homeowners’ policy has lapsed. […]

HCG Platinum Diet Products Called Unhealthy by Dietician

Filed November 7th, 2013 Julie Ann Fidler

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last week filed a lawsuit against Arizona resident Kevin Wright over his HCG Platinum products. Wright and his company, Right Way Nutrition, claim that the products cause rapid weight loss because of HCG, the hormone women produce when they are pregnant. According to the FTC, those claims are false […]