TimberSIL Used in “Green Built” Homes Rotting

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation built more than 100 energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes in New Orleans to replace those damaged by the storm. Now, the organization is reporting that TimberSIL, a wood product that was used to build some structures of the homes, is starting to rot.

Make It Right spokeswoman Taylor Royle told The New Orleans Advocate (The Advocate) that Make It Right – known for its construction of “green” buildings – chose TimberSIL because the organization didn’t want to use decking lumber that had chemicals in it. Chemical-free wood can eventually be mulched and composted at the end of its estimated 300-year life cycle. Unfortunately, the lack of chemicals makes the wood more susceptible to rotting. Make It Right has replaced wood in nearly 30 homes so far. Continue reading TimberSIL Used in “Green Built” Homes Rotting