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Lawsuits Allege Eos Lip Balm Causes Blistering, Bleeding, and Rashes

Filed January 22nd, 2016 Fran Kelley

Four proposed class action lawsuits filed in January 2016 claim that use of EOS Lip Balm can lead to cracking, bleeding, and blistering lips and that the company, Evolution of Smooth, does not warn consumers of these possible reactions. One woman who filed suit said her lips felt like “sandpaper” within hours of using the […]

Ikea Faces Another Wrongful Death Lawsuit over Tipped Dresser

Filed January 11th, 2016 admin

A second lawsuit has been filed against Ikea over a dresser that tipped onto a toddler, killing him. reports that the lawsuit was filed in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. Allegedly, Ikea knew the dresser was unstable but sold it regardless. A similar lawsuit was filed over the death of a 2-year-old in February […]