Ikea Faces Another Wrongful Death Lawsuit over Tipped Dresser


A second lawsuit has been filed against Ikea over a dresser that tipped onto a toddler, killing him. Philly.com reports that the lawsuit was filed in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. Allegedly, Ikea knew the dresser was unstable but sold it regardless. A similar lawsuit was filed over the death of a 2-year-old in February 2014.

In response to the deaths, Ikea announced a joint “repair program” with the Consumer Product Safety Commission in July. The program offers replacement restraint kits; 27 million dressers are affected. While the repair program is a type of recall according to the safety commission’s laws, Ikea has intentionally avoided classifying it as such. The Swedish furniture giant pointed out that it has not offered to replace or buy back the dressers.

According to the lawsuit, Ikea dressers do not meet furniture industry safety standards for stability. In October, Ikea told The Inquirer that it believes these standards do not apply to dressers. The complaint states that the toddler became pinned under the dresser when it tipped over on June 11, 2014. His father removed the dresser and his mother performed CPR before transporting him to a hospital. The boy was placed on ventilation for four days before his parents removed him from life support. The suit seeks compensatory and punitive damages for medical expenses, funeral expenses, their son’s pain and suffering, and the family’s emotional distress.